All W+DS events will be virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Science

Spring 2021
Monthly Meetups
Virtual, Hosted over Zoom

Michigan State University & University of Michigan invite you to their joint monthly webinar & meetup series for Spring 2021!
Talk Guidelines

Talk Guidelines

Submission instructions

  • Submit your abstract through the registration form.
  • Include a title, list of authors/presenters and their affiliations.
  • To recognize women and gender minority data scientists on your team, please indicate their roles in the project (securing research funding, project design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, writing, project management, project supervision).
  • We strongly encourage the women and gender minority members of your team to be the presenters of the talks.
  • The main body of the abstract should be no more than 300 words and should include a brief summary of the research, methods, main results and impact.
  • Please do not include figures, tables or bibliography in the abstract.


The talks are strictly-timed to 6-minute presentations intended to further expand the Data Science community and spark discussion among participants. The intent is for these talks to provide a venue in support of new ideas and newcomers to our community. Short Talks are a great way to get early feedback on a work in progress, to demo a new tool or technique, and to find potential collaborators at other units/institutions.

NOTE: If work being submitted has been accepted for publication, please share the citation.

Here are some short talk tips:

  1. Describe your problem and convince your audience right away as to why it’s important & what are the current gaps
  2. What is your cool approach?
  3. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your approach with one or two clear examples.
  4. Conclude with why your work matters!
  5. Preferably use more figures/flowcharts in place of full sentences and lots of text.

Submission Deadline for Talks

Submissions for consideration as short talks should use the provided google form and are limited to a maximum of 300 words. Abstracts should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the webinar. Abstracts will be evaluated with respect to their relevance to the W+DS audience and on space availability in the conference program. Abstracts do not receive peer-review feedback. Accepted abstracts will be made available on the conference website prior to the event unless otherwise noted, but they will not be included in the conference proceedings.

Review Criteria

Talks submitted to W+DS should aim to do at least one of the following:

  • Solicit feedback from the community regarding a Data Science project (including sharing project plans and/or initial results)
  • Describe a new Data Science project for which the author(s) are seeking collaborators
  • Share encouraging initial results from a Data Science project
  • Demonstrate a new tool or technique


If you have any questions please contact us at

Modified from: ICER, 2018; WiDS East Lansing @MSU, 2019

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