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Data Science

Spring 2021
Monthly Meetups
Virtual, Hosted over Zoom

Michigan State University & University of Michigan invite you to their joint monthly webinar & meetup series for Spring 2021!
Data Science Persuasion

Bridging analytics and policy

This panel brings together data scientists, policy and decision makers to discuss the science and art of data-driven decision and policy making. Attendees will hear perspectives from seasoned practitioners about important issues impacting the work of data scientists with policy makers and challenges they face in bridging science with policies. Speakers will address their different views on the production and use of evidence, accountabilities that guide their formulation and communication of solutions, and the hard and soft skills needed to apply data science for social good.

Keywords: Data Science in policy and decision making

About the panelists

Anne-Marie Núñez (she/her/ella) is a Professor in The Ohio State University Department of Educational Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs Program. Her work addresses transforming postsecondary opportunity structures for historically marginalized communities. She examines how postsecondary institutions respond to significant demographic transformation, like the recent four-fold growth in the Latinx share of the U.S. population. Her research focuses on (1) postsecondary trajectories of Latinx, first-generation, migrant, and English Learner students; (2) institutional diversity in the U.S., including the role of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in promoting college opportunities; and (3) building inclusive and equitable environments in STEM disciplines and HSIs. Funded by over $10 million in grants from agencies including the National Science Foundation and The Spencer Foundation, her current research aims to strengthen equity in geosciences and computing, and to build capacity for talent development in STEM fields at HSIs.

Lourdes Vera is a PhD candidate and member of the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute (SSEHRI) in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Northeastern University. Her dissertation research applies a framework of “Environmental Data Justice” developed with the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) to envision and implement systems of data production and stewardship driven by communities affected by environmental contamination. Specifically, she works with residents in Karnes County, Texas to monitor their air near oil and gas facilities. As a former science teacher, she is interested in fusing critical pedagogy with citizen science to promote democratic participation in science and inform environmental policy. As part of EDGI, Lourdes is on the coordinating committee and facilitates the Environmental Data Justice working group. Lourdes holds an MA in Teaching Earth Science from CUNY Brooklyn College and BA in Urban Studies from Barnard College.

R-Ladies East Lansing
Michigan Institute for Data Science
Camille Archer (RLEL, MSU), Janani Ravi (RLEL, MSU); Jing Liu (MIDAS, UM)

Program Committee
Liz Munch (MSU), Parisa Kordjamshidi (MSU), Dola Pathak (MSU)
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